Drive Action, Not Perception

Own complete governance of each member’s preferred actions to improve responses to CAHPS and HOS surveys.

From Mapping Survey Questions to Member Actions
Leveraging behavioral science theories and physician recommendations, the HBM Member Experience Solution includes a detailed AI-based mapping of survey question gaps for each individual member, which it then automatically focuses towards driving specific member-related desired actions.

Driving Action by Addressing Members’ Personal Concerns

Actions are measurable. Behavioral Science has proven that when positive health actions promoted by a health plan bring beneficial value, members remember it and the plan is credited in surveys.

HBM Governance Helps Prioritize Actions to Increase Value

MedOrion’s HBM governance tools help plans prioritize the various actions members need to take across multiple measures simultaneously, so their most recent health experiences will always be better.

Measure Positive Health Actions

HBM’s seamless software workflow supports complete governance of member experience and real time monitoring, thanks to its customizable
Test and Control Group methodology.

Relevant, Helpful Interactions

Dive down to the member level to formulate the right communication. Create confidence and lead them to helpful actions that will create a Superior Member Experience.