Apply AI Empathy to understand pain points, success spots, and build action plans to address unknown gaps in care

Impact Member Experience Through Digital Persuasion of HOS & CAHPS Measures

Use the psychological insights to launch digital persuasion tactics for high-impact health measures

Influence Member Perceptions Through a Continuum of Care

Use behavioral insights to build personalized communication plans across important health objectives year-round

Continuous Connectivity Increases Adherence in Just 12 Months

Mapping out the emotions of your members can optimize yearly objectives with record adherence rates in just six weeks

Apply AI Empathy to
Overcome Every Barrier

When teams get out of their silos and use the same behavioral insights across multiple communication touch-points, everything from retention to adherence and adoption rates will rise on a mass scale

Use Behavioral Data to
Anticipate Every Need

Increase adoption rate of in-plan services (timely appointments, annual exams) and strengthen member relationships