Apply AI empathy to build a continuum of care for your population and strengthen relationships with members

Understand Which Members Are Not Utilizing In-Plan Benefits

Use Medorion’s 360° single member view to analyze members’ recent experience and identify why they are not engaging with the plan

Drive Action by Addressing Members’ Personal Concerns

Craft new ways to engage with members based on their preferences and interaction with the plan, providing access to custom services that improve their experience

Increase Retention and Adoption Rates in Just 12 Months

Apply Persuasion AI to overcome every barrier with measurable results within six weeks, and increase the adoption rate of in-plan services to optimize yearly objectives

Influence Members’ Plan Perception Through a Continuum of Care

Use behavioral insights from electronic behavior records to build personalized communication plans across multiple health objectives all year-round

Break Down Every CAHPS Segment into Communication Plans

Understand what members need and address the full spectrum of CAHPS survey questions all year round with personalized experiences