Understand, Predict, and Influence Member Behavior

Map members' health behavior using predictive models and self-optimizing segmentation plans with a 360° view into each member journey

A New Layer of Health Behavior Intelligence

Our SaaS platform includes a comprehensive library of tools and recommendation models that allow health plans to understand and respond to members' needs based on their health behaviors. This is how to persuade populations at scale and across a myriad of applications.

Insights that Drive the Difference

72+ VS 72-

"Members over 72 years of age are more likely to endure side effects for the value of the medication than members under 72"

Health VS Cost

"Members with hypertension evaluate MA plans the same way that healthy members do: they do not prioritize their health over coverage or cost."


"Members with COPD often prefer an HMO plan due to lower copays on in-patient treatment and will prioritize over the access that a PPO offers."

The Science of Persuasion

We apply proven AI technologies from e-commerce to interpret health claims and demographic data and identify the triggers that influence member behavior for good

What clinical factors predict member behavior?

Why do specific members behave the way they do?

How do we use these insights to create personalized member journeys?

Let's Connect

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