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A New Identity for a New Vision: Our Journey Rebranding MedOrion


By Michal Minitzer, Head of Marketing, MedOrion Technologies 

Rebranding a company can feel like giving birth. Working in secret to create a shape from a handful of ideas, until they become a fully-formed brand concept ready to share with the world. In some ways branding is one of the most exciting things you can do as a marketer. It’s really starting from the very beginning and building up a brand to project the essence of the company. Now that MedOrion has launched its new branding, I’d like to share our journey with you.

Why we did it

The challenge in rebranding MedOrion is that our starting point wasn’t bad. There was nothing wrong with MedOrion’s original branding, but as the company evolved in how we viewed our offering, it was clear that the branding needed to evolve together with the company’s position.  It was time to readdress the story that we were telling both through messaging and through our graphics.

The evolution of MedOrion has been dramatic, from the simple member communication system our three founders originally envisioned, to an end-to-end Health Behavior Management platform. 

After several years of developing AI based solutions to the world of healthcare, we came to see that simply driving member engagement wasn’t enough. We saw the vast potential of AI to offer personalized insights into member’s motivations, which will empower health plans to truly change members’ health behavior for the long run, while providing members with a pleasant experience. This led us to extend the MedOrion offering to form the first AI-based Modeling and  Monitoring of human health behavior, with the support of the amazing Dafna Katz’s brand strategy learning process, we’ve realized we’ve naturally became a HEALTH BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT platform, to be used by health plans to better understand their members’ concerns and motivators, and embed them in every aspect of their business to drive a deep behavioral change.

 As MedOrion has come to understand the full depth of the value we offer to our customers, we realized that our brand needed to express this depth. 

Rebranding was about taking the company to the next level with a stronger visual identity that expresses the essence of MedOrion. We wanted to capture what is and what sets us apart from others in the healthcare space. It was a delicate balance. It was important to look different without being ‘too different’. Our solution is new and imaginative but we still fit clearly within the healthcare ecosystem. So while we stayed away from the blue/green palette used by so many healthcare/AI companies, we did not want to step too far away from the industry as a whole. 

What we did

The first part of the process was sitting with the company’s management to discuss what are MedOrion’s values, what are our strengths, what do we do, and what are our weaknesses.  As people started talking, we pretty quickly saw that everyone has a slightly different take. From the interviews we were able to really drill down and define this is what we are and this is what we represent. 

We worked with the capable branding team at Titan BrandWise to create a visual language that expressed this understanding. They came back to us with four options to choose from. As is standard in the branding process, they gave us four options to choose from, each one taking a different graphic direction. From these, we narrowed it down to two choices. We took those two to the CEO to decide which was our ‘Goldilocks solution’ (aka the one that was just right). Both were a step away from our previous branding; one was very innovative and we were concerned that it might be too drastic a change; the second was different from our previous logo with bright colors and had a different vibe about it from others in our field without stepping out of the overall healthcare space. It was clear to all of us that the second option was the ‘winner.’

Our new logo

Our logo needed to reflect the value that MedOrion offers our users. The circle motif is reminiscent of a dot on a map, representing a member’s journey and real-time changes in their decision factors, with each dot denoting another decision factor. 

Many other companies in the healthcare space use graphics almost as an afterthought. We made the conscious decision to invest more care in our graphics. The HBM platform offers depth of understanding behind member decision making. By putting ‘depth’ into our graphics we conveyed the complexity and richness of our offering.  Although MedOrion is a SaaS solution and cutting edge technology, we are very much about people. All our solutions are driven by the need to provide better healthcare solutions for people.  By incorporating images of real people, we added a human element to our graphic language. 

Our new tagline

Our ability to know why a member makes a particular decision about their health is the central feature of our offering, therefore, it needs to be central to our brand messaging and led us to an unmet capabilities depth and width to help health plans drive members to better health,  this is the inspiration behind our slogan. The ‘Know Why’ is our core promise to our customers. 

Launch time

Once we had a visual language, a logo, a slogan, and main messaging points, we used them to  recreate the various marketing materials. Once that was done, then we had to face the most difficult audience….our colleagues. 

Launching our new brand identity internally to the team was actually more nerve wracking than launching the new brand to the world at the RISE National conference. Thankfully we had really positive feedback so we felt confident to take a new brand to RISE to share it with the world.

 It’s always a bit of a scary process launching new branding because you never know how people will react. I’ve found that people are usually more critical of rebranding than they are of branding in the first place, possibly because they have something to compare it to. Thankfully we got a lot of positive feedback at RISE, including wide media coverage.  We had people coming over to the booth at rise and complimenting us on how much they like the stand. We launched our website the same time as attending the RISE conference so now the new brand is fully up in the air and out in the world. 

Our brand is the language we use to tell our story to the world. The story of Health Behavior Management is  set to change the face of member healthcare provision, empowering healthcare providers with unique insights into members’ motivations. Rebranding was an essential step in writing that new story to differentiate MedOrion from simple member engagement solutions and increase awareness around this one-of-a-kind offering. We were honored to share this next stage of the MedOrion journey with our users.