Gain a star for each
Part D HEDIS Measure
within 6 Months

3-5% increase in adherence in 12 months

Address Psychological Barriers to Medication Adherence to Improve Outcomes

Use claims or pharmacy gaps data to understand why members are not adhering to medication –  whether it be cost, side effects, lack of drug feedback, and other factors – and leverage the insights to lift barriers and inspire action with strategic messaging across pharmacy Star Rating measures

Enhance Your Pharmacy
Engagement Strategy

Add highly personalized digital journeys to your engagement strategy to reach more members, touch them more often, and keep them motivated and adherent

Remove Digitally
Engaged Members from Queue

Targeted digital interactions help call center teams to focus on individuals in need of the most support, reducing call center burden and eliminating the need for extensive, cost-draining calls

Outreach Efforts

Behavioral insights help maximize omnichannel engagement, reaching more members and boosting content interaction across social networks, publishing, email, text, and bot channels

Conduct Succinct and Effective Calls with Behavioral Insights on Each Member

When pharmacy teams have the right insights on the barriers to member action, they can conduct better conversations and better equipped to engage more members in less time

Measure Your Impact

Full control of all members’ medication adherence communications and visibility of impact