Boost plan ratings and generate 1-star impact

Target all HEDIS measures.
Manage the continuum of care as one holistic engagement program. Increase adherence
and achieve a collective ROI.

3- 7% increase in adherence rates within 12 months

Identify Core Barriers
Behind Members'

Use behavior insights from claims and demographic data to predict who is most likely to comply with – or avoid – clinical guidelines

Convert Claims Data to Patient-Specific Behavior

Advanced AI tools extract and correlate claims data to member behavior, highlighting what clinical and demographic factors most affect member decisions

Manage the continuum of care as one holistic engagement program by simultaneously targeting all HEDIS and HOS measures, yielding increased adherence and a collective ROI

Deep Dive into the Psychological Drivers Behind Member Decisions

Launch a targeted, behavioral science–based member outreach campaign with strategic messages that are continuously adjusted and optimized to inspire the desired outcome

Reach the Unreachable

An interactive dashboard displays the impact of outreach. Monitor activity across multiple journeys, trending content, population analytics, and objective scores

Motivate Behavior for Good

Optimize communication strategies across health objectives to motivate members into active participants in their own health — month after month, year over year

Easily Scale to Any Other Health Measure

From breast and colorectal cancer screenings to eye exams for diabetes patients and statin therapy, optimize outreach campaigns to transform passive members into engaged participants